What is Madbroen?

Madbroen is a non for-profit organisation which aims to reduce food waste and help people in need. Every day tonnes of perfectly safe and edible food is thrown away across the world while many people struggle to afford food. We’re aiming to try and bridge the gap between supply and demand and connect the food to the people who need it most while preventing perfectly good food going to waste. After all, when food is wasted, it’s not just the food its self but all the energy, resources and time that went into producing it which is also wasted.

What we do

We collect surplus food from supermarkets, bakeries and anyone else who has food and to redistribute it to shelters and soup kitchens around Copenhagen. We collaborate with a variety of places who take the surplus food from us use it to feed those less fortunate. In the future we would like to help more shelters and other people all over the city and therefore we are looking for more people to join Madbroen.

Become a volunteer!

Help us to save food and at the same time help people in need. By volunteering with us you have the chance to help people in need, get an insight into food waste and the situation in Denmark, get some exercise and a pick of the surplus food for yourself.

You can sign up for our shifts on our volunteer managment system and find out more about where you can help.

Do you have food surplus?

If you are in the food industry, run a supermarket, kitchen or other business which has a surplus of food and you'd like to give it away to people in need then just contact us! We are always looking for new partners to collaborate with. We will do all the hard work all you have to do is provide us with food. Our volunteers will pick it up from you and take care of everything.

Contact us:

Would you like to know more? Have questions or might be able to help us out in any way? Then please get in touch via email or facebook. On Facebook you can also keep up to date about the latest developments within Madbroen and learn more about the organisation.