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Fællesskabet i København or The Free Fridge Copenhagen is an open public community fridge located at Stengade 50 in Nørrebro, the idea is inspired by a variety of similar projects around the world and modeled on Fællesskabet located in Aarhurs.

The idea of the Free fridge is to create a space for truly unconditional food sharing, with no restrictions, requirements or time limitations. The space is open 24/7 and caters to anyone who has surplus food to give, or needs food. Anyone from employees in an office which has surplus food after lunch, to people who are unable to afford it or access it through the various programs around the city. The Free Fridge aims to cater to everyone!

Surplus food redistribution is very centralized, there are a number of organizations that in a way or in another decide to whom the food will go and decide how they can access it. We think this is an UNFAIR redistribution of a necessary resource. With the fridge we attempt to decentralize the power that at the moment is in the hand of little and we want to make it open for everyone to join this initiative.

Interview with TV2 Lorry

The article: https://www.tv2lorry.dk/koebenhavn/faelleskoeleskabe-med-gratis-mad-bekaemper-spild-kan-udgoere-en-risiko

Since the article was published we’ve consulted with Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen) and have implemented their recommendations to make the project safer for everyone.


We are located outside Folkets Hus in Stengade 50 in Nørrebro. You will find the fridge to the right of the main entrance of Folkets Hus.