Donating food

Anyone is welcome to donate food and we appreciate donations of fresh food and cooked/prepared food from supermarkets, restaurants, offices or other locations, which then the people using the space around Folketshus and anyone who passes by can benefit from. 

Though there are many programs in the city now catering to fighting food waste, lots of food  slips through the cracks of the cracks in the system. The Free Fridge Copenhagen aims to fill these gaps and to provide the tools for this food to also be saved and redistributed without conditions or having to meet set timetables. 

The location of the fridge also enables it to help those most in need by being located in the centre of the city and accessible 24/7. There are many people who suffer from food insecurity but for various reasons are unwilling or unable to receive it from other sources. The Free Fridge addresses this by allowing complete anonymity. 

Become a donor

If you’d like to donate but need more information or help in doing so, please contact us via email:

If you’d like to know more or want to encourage your company or manager to donate we have created flyers which you can print out and give to people. They are available in both Danish and English.

Download the flyer here!

How to donate?

Anyone can donate food 24/7 365 days a year. You just bring the food you wish to donate along to the fridge and place it inside. You can check out our how it works section to learn more about where you should place your food 🙂 

Please also register your donations via our online form.

What can be donated and what can’t? 


  • All fruits and veggies unless they are moldy or rotten.
  • Any food that has passed its best before (bedst før) and still safe to eat and does not need refrigeration (jam, biscuits, pasta..).
  • Bread and pastries as long as they have been stored properly.

Not accepted:

  • Food that has passed its USED BY(sidste anvendelsesdato) date.
  • Uncooked raw meat or fish.
  • Food that has not been properly stored (kept in the fridge when it should have been).
  • Food where the packaging is opened or damaged and could cause the food to spoil (it does not apply for dry goods that cant easily spoil (fx. Pasta, rice etc. from your cupboard).

Click here you can learn more about date and date labels

The fridges:

Wet Fridge (like a regular fridge) – what should be inside?

  • Any products that should be refrigerated that have not passed their best before date.

Dry fridge (like a cupboard) – what should be inside?

  • Fruit and vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated. 
  • Bread and pastries
  • Dried foods like grains, pasta, flour, rice etc.